Global Alliance

By creating ownership within different factories all over the world, Socks Direct Ltd has been established within this Global Alliance and is therefore able to ensure that all orders, prices and stock is obtained “direct from the factories” with the added benefit of having direct access within the retail organization sales team, responsible for tracking, managing and processing orders and also holding stock in the UK as and where it’s needed.

The global alliance organization has also been able to link the factories to each other thereby providing valuable resources and improving the overall quality of the end product. Yarn and other raw materials have been transferred between factories where quality was greater in one country than another. In addition when price fluctuations exist between nations, by using exporting and importing of yarn and other raw materials, between factories within the Global Alliance the end result has always been higher quality for a cheaper overall price.

All in all, this alliance has offered the end user a system of ensuring product is purchased “direct from the factory”, keeping costs at a minimum, and also using the whole organization to increase quality and maintain long term arrangements.